In noncommutative mathematics, quantisations of mathematical structures, such as sets, relations, functions, graphs, and groups, form a beautiful and wide-ranging mathematical theory based on a duality between topology and algebra.  Recently, various of these quantisations have arisen in quantum information theory, in the study of nonlocal games, zero-error channel capacities, and entanglement-assisted classical communication. This workshop aims to explore and map this new interface, bringing researchers from both fields together to share techniques and knowledge, and to develop a broad perspective informing future research and collaborations.

Confirmed participants

Amaury Freslon (Paris-Sud)
Andre Kornell (Tulane)
Laura Mancinska (Copenhagen)
David Reutter (Oxford)
David Roberson (Copenhagen)
Simon Schmidt (Saarbruecken)
Piotr Soltan (Warsaw)
Dan Stahlke (Intel)
Sergii Strelchuk (Cambridge)
Ivan Todorov (Belfast)
Dominic Verdon (Bristol)
Andreas Winter (UAB)


Dominic Verdon (local organiser)
Andreas Winter